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Problems that people encounter in their everyday lives can take on many shapes and sizes but the one constant is that Godly wisdom and friendly advice can go a long way to setting things right.  In addition to sitting under good Bible preaching and teaching, sometimes individual attention is needed to address specific issues.  If you are looking to find someone to agree with what you have already decided to do, you won't find that here.  Each problem is handled individually and dealt with according to the clear teaching of God's Word.  Our goal is not to make you feel better but to help you get right.  You will find that coming into line with God's will for your life will help you to deal with the everyday stresses of life much more successfully.  It is sometimes surprising to find that most who seek counseling already know what they should be doing... they just need help admitting it.  We want you to grow in your walk with the Lord and find joy in serving Jesus and others. 


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